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November 6, 2013


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( ok can someone tell me how to post this. Not as a journal but in the gallery ? so i can make a hetalia gallery )
(Also there will be swears, nasties and all that good stuff. If you don't like stop reading idiot.)

Being friends with Gilbert - Prussia - is not a piece of cake. 1. you have to deal with his friends, Francis -France- and Antonio - Spain- who all together were the Bad Touch Trio. 2. Deal with how he thinks he's so 'awesome' 3. His flirting and finally 4. how he gets drunk allot. I mean, 9 out of 10 times I have to bring him home from a drink party. Which was what I was doing now.
I climbed into my Black Mercedes and drove to Winter Tavern, a real nice bar that held the best ho's/prostitutes.
I parked outside and angrily got out and locked it. I barged in to see Antonio and Francis trying to bring down a shirtless Prussian from the stage. Where was the idiots shirt ?! I mentally screamed. As I got closer I noticed where it was, on his soft silvery hair his blue shirt was wrapped around like what you do with a towel when your hair is wet.
I walked past all the slutty girls feeling slightly out of place in my jean shorts, heavy blue sweater and gym shoes. My ( H/C) was tied into a pony-tail.
I reached Francis and Antonio. They turned to me with a relieved expression. " Do you think you could get him down Mon amie ?" Asked Francis. " Porvabor chica ?" Asked Antonio. I rolled my eyes as they hurried away stumbling slightly from alcohol consumption.
" Gilbert !" I yelled cupping my hands around my mouth. He glanced down at me with his red eyes and I smiled. He seemed to want to say something but he just came down. The girls booed as Gilbert put on his shirt ( with help from me) and we headed out of the bar waving good-bye to Francis and Antonio.
" Seriously. You get so wasted that your friends call me to pick you up from a bar ?" I questioned as we got in the car and buckled out seatbelts.
" But Frau, zhat vas amazing, almost as awesome as me." He said happily. " Did you bring Gilbird with you ?" I asked and Gilbert burrowed in his hair to pull out a soft yellow chick that made chirp than hiccuped.
" You let him drink ?" I asked sourly. I really liked Gilbird and didn't need him to die of alcohol. " You do know that alcohol is posionous to birds Gilbert." I seethed as I made a sharp turn onto my street.
His pale face turned paler. " It is ?" He questioned making a loud gulping sound. " Yes." I hissed slamming on the breaks when we go into my driveway.
" Zhis isn't home." He said confused. " No it's not. It's because I don't wanna wake up Ludwig or leave you by yourself so your staying with me." I said quiet pissed at him.
" O-oh." He said and leaned into me as I turned the lock for my house. I led him to the couch and went to get him a blanket and pillow but he grabbed my waist. " What do you think your doing !" You exclaimed not liking how his hands were settled on your plush waist.
" L-let go." You said trying to get out of his grip. He sighed and sat down with you on his lap. He turned you so you were facing him and straddling his hips.
" (Y/N)." He said looking quiet serious which was strange for him. "Y-yeah ?" You asked trying to wiggle out of his iron grip but he just tightened.
" Ich liebe dich." He said looking at me with bright crimsom eyes." U-uh.." You said at lost of words. See what I forgot to mention was YOU FUCKING LOVED HIM. You were madly in love with him.
His lips pressed against yours softly and you sat there shocked. His hands carressing your sides. Wow did that feel good. Wait , he's drunk. He couldn't have meant that. You pushed away. " Gil your drunk." You told him sternly but he just pulled you in for another rough wanting kiss. You had to stop this.
" Let go !" You screamed jumping out of his grip, tears falling out of your eyes. " Don't do this please,I don't belive you" You whispered as you ran upstairs leaving a confused and hurt Gilbert below.
" She doesn't believe me." He told Gilbird
You cried up in your room, how could he kiss you, when you loved him, yes you'd think you'd be thrilled but it hurt because he was drunk meaning what he said wasn't true, that kiss wasn't true, and that hurt you deeply. You rubbed your eyes and took a razor blade out of the top drawer next to your bed. Should you try it ? You'd never done it before. I mean, that was what every fat lonely girl seemed to do these days. Not having the courage you didn't bother. You put the razor back and put on pajamas. A dark red cami that was tight and short blue sleep shorts. You took your hair out of the pony-tail and climbed under your soft blue comforter and fell asleep 

~ 5 hours later ~

You woke up to see your alarm clock blaring 5:44 AM. Who the fuck set it for that time ?! you thought to yourself and threw the alarm clock to your closet hearing it break.
Jeez you had to work on your temper. You turned to your side to place your face back into the warm strong pillow that enveloped you. Wait, something wasn't right here. You shot your eyes open to see yourself face deep in a guys chest, a shirtless albino's chest named Gilbert to be exact. What the hell had happened ?!
You weren't drinking last night. Dreaming ? You pinched yourself and winced as you felt pain. Nope not dreaming. You grunted as you tried to get out of his killer grip.
All it did was make him pull you closer to him and rest his head into you (H/C) hair. Sighing you slowly let yourself snuggle into him making him make a soft sigh pass his lips as his lips turned upwards. You were afraid you'd woken him so you froze but nothing happened. Confident he wasn't awake you curled one of your hands against your chest and the other went around Gilbert's waist making you both look molded together and you fell asleep. Gilbert looked down still a little drunk and smiled at how cute you were as he slipped back into dreamland.

~ Time skip brought to you by the awesome Gilbird... Tweet ! ~

part 2/…

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No its ok sorry I've just been very busy. I'll try to update the next part before september
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I thought this was a lemon...?
Cute story, but I was expecting "the nasty".
alicenightray588 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014
it will be a lemon in the third part because the lemon is just a warning as in there will be lemons. Sorry for the confusion. But later there will be some !!!Shigure Sohma (Kyo-kun you pervert) [V1] 
amanelilly Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
Hmm, you might want to look this one over a bit to edit it. It kinda switches from "I" to "you"
alicenightray588 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014
it does ?
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It does.
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